General Info
United States
My name is Bryan, and I have alot of interests. I consider myself a very motivated and intelligent person. I am also quite artistic and creative. ( I am obsessed with all kinds of art, and I am also an artist.) I frequently attend ISO meetings (International Socialist Organization) although I am not yet a member. I also go to WMCP meetings (Western Mass Coalition For Palestine) and hope to join SJP (Students For Justice in Palestine) once one of them is started at Umass, a local college. I feel specially driven when it comes to women's rights and Palestinian equality. Although it doesn't stop there. As an activist some of my other focuses are fighting for the human rights of Arabs and Muslims world wide, ( I feel like, in this day and age, the Arab and Muslim people are victims of sickening racism and violation of human rights) anti-war and bringing the War on Terror to an end, feminism (although some kinds of feminism I disagree with such as "Power Feminism" which is the idea that women's liberation can by won by working your way up the corporate ladder to be in possitions such as CEOs or politicians. This is often on the backs of poor and working class women, thus oppressing a large number of women; counter productive in the fight for liberating all women. I love how Sharon Smith describes this as "Bourgeois Feminism". This turns middle class women into the ruling class who oppresses the majority of women, and also separates the poor from the rich. The end of women's oppression will only come with the fall of Capitalism.) I stand firm to the idea that most of the worlds problems can be linked to Capitalism in one way or another. This is true for such things as, the oppression of all people, the destroying of our environment (which leads to tons of "natural" disasters.) and animal rights violations. As an activist my overall goal is to bring an end to imperialism and Capitalism as a whole. I believe that Socialist society is the best alternative, but stand in solidarity with anyone who apposes Capitalism, such as Anarchists. I attend as many rallies and protests as I can. I believe in the power of protest. One major problem with our country is the amount of people who buy into the mindset that we are powerless. We are easily passified by the table scraps the rich hand us. We need to bite that hand that feeds us in order to take what we the people truly need. History has shown us a couple things, democrats are no saviors and if the oppressed realize their power, revolution is possible. Ask the poeple of the countries who have conquered oppression, if protesting won't change things. Ask those people if the prolitariat is weak. The oppresser wants to keep the oppressed devided because they know the power of solidarity. They offer just enough help to try and get us to believe that if we elect the right canidate, everything will be fine. Back to what I said earlier about being into the arts and being an artist. I draw quite a bit. I also enjoy filming and making videos with friends (although they are usually nothing big) I am a performer and a poet. Lately most of my poetry has been political poetry. I perform my poetry whenever possible. I love music as well. Most of the music I enjoy is not mainstream (unless from the 90s or earlier) I like music from as far back as the 1920s. Some of the genres I enjoy are underground and older hip hop (it has to be poetic) jazz, soul, motown, funk, blues, many forms of rock, reggae, ska, and punk (mostly local and indie bands) I like way too many artists to list here but if you are interested in chatting about music that would be awesome. I guess I should describe a little bit more about my personality. I am a very caring person. I love helping people and making people smile (even if it is a complete stranger) If I notice somebody is angry or upset I will do what I can to cheer them up. By being this type of person I have seen tons of human struggling. I am very trustworthy and loyal. I hate hurting others or getting involved with drama. When somebody does me wrong, instead of creating the snowball of conflict, I do what I can to part ways with that person. Not to sound egotistical, but I am most likely one of the most caring people you will meet. Unless you give me reason not too, I will be open to be your friend. As a person I have my flaws. With that being said, my will is good and I do my best to spread happiness and love. I do what I can to impact the world in a positive way. I am also great with children, and love kids. The best way to reach me is through facebook, and I will accept all who requests me so don't be shy.<br>