General Info
yasir rajj started the graphic designing in the early 1995's,in Lahore Pakistan with a small group of graphic designers. he graduated from a reknown institute of graphic designing in Asia (N.C.A) after completing his graphic designing he (Yasir Rajj) immediately started looking to get on top of the graphic designing field and yasir rajj motivation to start his own set up to sell his skill in the graphic designing all over the Pakistan. yasir rajj speciality in graphic designing inspired many top studio's of Pakistan and yasir rajj got his mark in the metropolitan of Lahore. with his untiring thirst to create the graphic designs and deliverance to his clients of their requirements in all kinds of graphic designing.yasir rajj now is doing the graphic designing for the international companies. and with growing demand of graphic designing yasir rajj started recruiting the talent and opened an institute of graphic designing in separate fields of the industry such as multimedia and many other related fields of creative graphic designing . yasir rajj work round the clock to meet the graphic designing requirements of our clients all over the world.