General Info
United States
As good friend of mine in a local VAB band Rude Zombie said about me “He goes to shows”. So yeah, I am show fanatic that has been going to shows since age 15. So that is 23 years of moshing, skanking, drinking and just really purely dancing my arse off as much as I can. My close friends call me a music snob but really I don’t see it that way. I have just evolved my music tastes from Old Skool Punk Rock, to Grunge, to Goth, to Garage Rock, to Psychedelic, to Shoegaze and Noise Rock…ok and I threw in some Folk Rock and Choral Symphonic Pop Rock into my music tastes as well. I am a promoter/booker for any touring indie bands that are coming my way that turn on my ears as well as for my favorite local bands. I really don’t collect music in any form (unless I get it as swag), I much rather hear and see it live. I am big into local art, art shows and a foodie.