General Info
United States
<p>I am an author and a one-man think tank – a mixed bag of intense and otherworldly eccentricities with exploits from Singapore to Japan, Canada, and even the exotic land of Los Angeles. Typically, I'm soft-spoken when calm and I write when inspired. I'm tender-hearted but dead-serious, idealistic but cynical, liberating but very protective of those I hold dear, extremely empathetic but constantly scrutinizing, desiring to improve the whole of society but deeply in love with my own family. I am afraid of neither responsibility nor power, and neither drink, smoke, do drugs, use profanity, nor look at pornography. For those familiar with Myers-Briggs, I am an INFJ. <p>Next to God, I most treasure my family. I consider myself and each individual among them an extension of the whole family unit. Whereas some might say that they treasure their friends or their freedom, I treasure my family and the closeness we all share. Even though we are spread out across the USA, we love one another very deeply, rejoicing when the others rejoice, and grieving when the others grieve. I look forward to one day having a wife and child(ren) of my own, not necessarily because I want to receive more love, but because I would enjoy giving my own love to them. Indeed, I have wanted to devote my life to a daughter of God for as long as I can remember. Preparing for it has become one of my strongest ambitions. Deeply instilled within my heart is the idea that, as Christ exemplified, a husband can be both the leader *and* the servant of his family. <p>Unlike many other men in the USA, I am not very much into NASCAR, baseball, basketball, golf, or American football. <p>I tend to be an indoors person and to spend my time praying, reading, writing, exercising, listening to music, and spending time with family (I am the oldest of four children and a doting uncle). But, on particularly lovely days, I also enjoy admiring nature. <p>I would *like* to say that I enjoy horseback riding. However, that would be misleading. The fact of the matter is that, as a child, I was once placed on top of a horse and proceeded to race it off the official trail for a few meters. I loved it, though, and the experience felt very natural to me. So, I enjoyed riding that horse, but have only ridden a horse once. <p>Following graduation in 2012, I intend to relocate to Eastern Asia as a minister, to marry, to have children, and to publish my books. Also, I desire to improve the world by encouraging the wise, the well educated, the personally responsible, and the otherwise virtuous to unite in catalyzing and implementing changes that must be made if society is to progress.