General Info
Saudi Arabia
Hi , I'm Mark , I'm here to gain new good-friends , I listen to Heavy-Metal Music , Band>MetallicA< *Big MetallicA Fan* I believe in Friendships more than anything in this world , I believe that True-Love can overcome anything. And I don't like people who think , that all girls are bad , or all boys are bad.All I know that there are good guys and girls as much as there are bad ones out there walking the streets and breathing this Air. ** As much as there are demons , there are angels as well** it's just the balance of the universe..Well that's it for me...If you want to know more , send a message me/add me/ P.S : There is alot you don't know about me , so don't think this light profile sums my whole-personality , I still have things left in my Vault.