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Avail on Amazon! Barnes & Noble! CreateSpace! In , beginning April 1987, twelve year-old Lanisa "Candi" Bennet and her eighteen-year-old brother Lance Bennet embark on a treacherous journey of hard knox. Like many children across the globe, they experience the rotating worlds of child and adult. Sadly resulting in mental trauma causing delicate personalities to split. The struggles, hardships, dedication and life's lessons of growing up in the inner city of Boston Mass without the safety net of parents to raise them. The evolution of their life events; the unraveling of souls walking blindly throughout life without a moral compass to guide them. In the hands of the unsavory element poses a continuous challenge for them. How will they handle betrayal, drugs, deception, jealousy, sex and most importantly...unhealthy love. Will they live to see brighter days? It is powerful and raw. It is an educational, inspirational and entertaining must- read novel mostly told in Lanisa's words...No glitz & glamour... just a story to be told.