General Info
United States
Hey there. How you doin'? My name is Craig, am roughly 30 years and 100-some days old, 6'4'' minus a few inches, weigh in at 149.0 lbs. of pure muscle, with eyes as green as marijuana, hair like that of Brian Williams, a voice like that of Barry White after sucking on helium and also possess very large hands (length and girth). I like: Watching Hallmark movies while tripping on acid; quizzing George W. Bush on spelling, pronunciations and He-Man; fine dining (Ex. Burger King and Runza); telling pastors, "That's what she said;" impressing women with my mad Boggle, Scrabble and Sudoku skills; taking four left turns around the block and pretending I'm a NASCAR driver; smooth-talking the ladies by utilizing my own book, "A Polish Guide to Make the Ladies Like You and Stuff;" quoting silent films and watching sloths for 24 consecutive hours. I also believe I read Chinese better than I read women and for the record, the only languages I've learned other than English are Spanglish, Minnesotan and Jive. Oh, and I like long walks on the beach.