I grew up on a grain farm, near Fort St. John B.C. Canada. My schools were from 30 to 50 minutes from home by bus. I was in some school clubs, and had pets. I was interested in foreign places, design, dance, and the outdoors. I attended church with my parents and sister. I spent many years in post secondary school(s) while living far from home. In 2001, I married a friend I met through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Club at the University of Alberta in 2001. Both I and my husband needed a change of work and lifestyle. We moved to Japan in early 2002. Culture is very different here. The international community is generally quite open and supportive of other Internationals. Internationals here are usually single. Although there are many events and outdoor activities available in Yamanashi Prefecture, internationals tend to meet and depend on each other more than back home. We also have close friends with New Life International Church Kofu. We rent a 2 bedroom home with a large kitchen and live a 15 minute walk from downtown Kofu. We drive scooters to work every day, weather depending. My husband says, "Time wasted is not wasted time." I always laugh because he is busier than me. It is funny because he has no time to waste anyways! In our free time we research ideas on the internet or hike or meet and help friends. In the evening we catch-up on a few of the latest shows from back home. Life with Atley is never dull. We expect we will have kids in the near future.I am looking forward to seeing my sister's son and daughter more often in the future.