General Info
United Kingdom
I am Marcus Burge, but I also have the name Shane Dibben which I changed when I was adopted. With My Space I want to get to know the world, very famous people and raise money for some projects. One of these projects is to start two businesses. The first will be to do with television and making movies for children. The second business will be a multinational company based in the USA, London and Japan. It will sell everything. But in the first place I want to get know people from all over the world especially from the States! I'm in a wheelchair and can't talk, but I can understand everything you say or write. In the future I will have a boy child and they will wear earrings or else ;). My favourite series on TV is Dr. Who. I like musicals like Billy Elliot and Vampires Rock. I have seen Billy Elliot : The Musical a thousand times and I still love it! I like to be on youtube and search for good dancing videos. One of my favourite performers I found is DAZL a group of cheerleading boys. In the future I hope to find a girlfriend and have children. I am dreaming of having a little boy. I imagine him beeing a very special person and a dancer and as a proud father I would support him and film erverything he does! I've got some videos of dancing children on my various profiles and my homepage. Now, don't think that I am a paedophile! I just love the way children dance and move naturally. And because I can't move like they do I like watching others dancing. I think I would be a good father. I am adopted and though I now am in contact with my biological father, I wish he would have been there for me when I was a child. I have recently been on TV, having been filmed by BBC Dorset at the Bournemouth Children in Need studio! You can ask me for an autograph if you want! Don't cry girls I'm not married. I have written a letter to the BBC asking them if I can work for them as a big actor and make lots of money. I like being on the computer and can communicate with people using my webcam on Skype (marcus.burge53). I live in Blandford St. Mary in Dorset. All that you are reading here, is written by my Volunteer Carers who are coming from all over the world. Although I can't speak, I do talk a lot. I like talking very much and it's the only way to make real friends. Because I was born disabled, I haven't any problems with it and enjoy my life. That's not what most of you would have expected, but it is true. I have a lot of fun with all the different people around me and they are helping me to be more independent. I am also living in my own house. I would be pleased to get a letter or an email from you which means a lot to me. If you want to write me a letter, you could ask me for my postal address. The same with my mobile number. To get more information about me just contact me here on myspace or visit my homepage: