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a mix of - sublime & profane, dreams & nightmares, devotion & indifference, zenith & abyss - an Ace of Clubs - an ENFP (with-out) - an INFP (with-in) - last of Leo-Virgo cusp - ask one friend - he calls me "guru" ask other friend- she thinks I am an "attention whore" I read I write I listen I watch I ask I wonder I obssess I muse I see I hear I pause I create I fascinate I scribble I amuse I ponder I walk I talk I delight I laugh I hurt I weep I impose I destroy I let-go I hold-on I fancy I disgust I care I understand I accept I expect I smile I regress I frown I gamble I lose I digress I win I enjoy I express I love I pray I AM - a work in progress!